Eco Friendly Bricks


Researchers from the Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai, have come up with an environment-friendly alternative to concrete bricks. They have created Green Charcoal bio bricks made out of soil, cement, charcoal and organic luffa fibres, commonly known as loofah. The Green Charcoal biobricks have more air pockets than a standard concrete block, which makes them 20 times more penetrable. According to reports, these air pockets act as tiny water tanks, which help in reducing the bricks’ temperature, thus making the interiors of structures much cooler. The charcoal in the bricks helps to purify air by absorbing nitrates. Even though cement is used in the manufacturing of these bricks, it is comparatively less than the amount used in concrete bricks. The Green Charcoal bricks are thus both lightweight and biodegradable.

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