Enjoying the Monsoons


Getting wet in the rains is a favourite activity for all, age not withstanding. Where some enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops while sitting by their windows, others dress in gumboots and go looking for slithering worms! 

Six-year-old Sreejita Biswas stays out in the rains as long as possible and then runs around the house till her clothes dry up. Needless to say, she isn't allowed to get wet too often. The first rains are indeed the perfect time to have a blast. But if you aren't in the mood to get drenched or aren't allowed to do so, you can enjoy the aromas of the freshly wet earth. Arm yourself with umbrellas and enjoy the teasing drops of rain, watch the snails climb their way up the green stalks of grass or grab your camera and take some shots! 

This season makes children go completely out of control says a mother we spoke to. Echoing her emotions is nine-year-old Pankaj Gupta. Says he, "I love getting drenched and dirty in the rain. It's even better when my parents coax me to come indoors but I continue to enjoy the downpour." A toothless grin follows. There are some who enjoy the season with paper crafts like Anwesha Ghosh. Her single most occupying pass-time is creating paper boats. "I make boats out of every available piece of paper," she giggles. If she can't go to a lake, she simply goes to the nearest puddle to float them. In fact, one monsoon she created boats out of her exam papers and was severely reprimanded.

Rishi Roy is the only child we met who doesn't like the rains. He grumbles, "I absolutely hate having to walk through knee deep, dirty water. It reminds me of the floods that got Mumbai to a standstill."

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