Fossils of Pre-historic Sea Creature Found


Polish researchers Daniel Tyborowski and Blazej Blazejowski recently unearthed fossils of a sea creature called a pliosaur that lived during the Jurassic Age. The fossil of the sea creature was discovered in a cornfield in Krzyzanowice, near Swierokrzyskie Mountains, Central Poland, an area that is considered to be rich in fossils of coastal and ocean reptiles. The remains of the giant creature measured about 30ft in length and are about 150 million years old. Pliosaurs had large skulls, crocodile-like snouts and powerful jaws with razor-sharp teeth. They were considered to be the largest predators throughout their existence. They fed on sea creatures and land animals. Apart from the pliosaur fossils, researchers also found remains of ancient creatures like crocodiles and turtles.

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