Futuristic Book Store


Spanish interior design company, Masquespacio has designed the first concept store for RUBIO, a well-known publisher of Spanish educational books, in Valencia, Spain. The 200sqmt bookstore has a wide entrance, which is encased with bright yellow and blue neon signs. The store has rooms dedicated to mathematics, writing and reading and a workshop training area. The mathematics room has blackboards attached to the back of rotating bookshelves, such that people can practise mathematical concepts as they read about them. The store also has a methacrylate board, which visitors can use to improve their handwriting. The new RUBIO store has many more unique features including a peephole into the shop window, a time machine with augmented reality goggles, a roulette that describes the history of RUBIO, a speaker through which stories can be heard, a colourful tunnel and a projection room. These futuristic concepts make the store enjoyable for children and adults.

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