RobinAge: News - Game to Map Coral Reefs

Game to Map Coral Reefs


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA) has developed a video game called NeMo-Net that will help players identify coral reefs in waters across the globe. NASA’s research team has spent many years studying the ocean floor using special cameras mounted on drones and aircraft. These cameras have collected 3D images of the ocean floor, including corals, algae and seagrass. However,  NASA’s  supercomputer Pleiades hasn’t been able to identify the coral reefs from the images. In the video game, players will travel across the ocean floor in a vessel called the Nautilus. Through the game, players will identify corals and mark their findings on a map. This information will be sent back to Pleiades, so that the system can compare the position of the coral reef with its data and learn to identify coral reefs on its own. NeMo-Net has been created to understand the ocean ecosystem and Pleiades will get better at its mapping ability as more and more people play the game. This game is freely available for download on iOS (Apple) devices. 

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