Glacial River Has the Ability to Absorb CO2


A study revealed that glacial rivers can absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) faster than the Amazon Rainforests. The researchers came to this conclusion after they took samples of melted glacial water from the Ellesmere Island, the Rocky Mountains, Greenland and Nunavut in Canada. After testing the samples collected from different regions, it was revealed that temperate rivers release a high amount of CO2 due to the decomposition of animal and plant life.

On the other hand, frozen glacial rivers do not provide a habitable environment for aquatic life, which leads to lesser carbon emissions. Once the glacier mixes with flowing water, the amount of carbon in the river is diminished due to a process called chemical weathering, which proves that glacial rivers can absorb 40 times more carbon than the Amazon Rainforests during the period of high melts.

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