Have a Safe Diwali


We bring you tips on how to have a safe Diwali. 

How do I treat burns due to firecrackers?

The first (and the most important) thing to do is to hold the burnt part under running water - the colder the better - for at least 20 minutes. The water cools down the burnt surface and prevents the heat from penetrating into the deeper layers of the tissue. This can prevent damage to important nerves under the skin.


Should I apply lotions on the burnt area?

Applying a cream immediately on the burnt area is the worst thing to do as the layer of cream traps the heat under it and the damage to the tissues continues even after the active burning has stopped. Few hours later a lotion like Calamine can be applied if the skin is intact. If the skin is damaged then an antibiotic cream should be applied to prevent infection. All this must be done a few hours after the burn.


Prevention of injuries by fireworks




by Dr Kshitija Rao 

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