Volunteer at NGOs Through Innocenttouch.in


'Each of us is born with a purpose and I can make a difference too, but not without you' is 18-year-old Sanjana Sanghi's slogan. This message invites you to learn more about her website, innocenttouch.in


An article in a local newspaper got us interested in Sanjana's work and we met up with her to find out how someone her age got involved in helping the needy. She says, "Some time ago I visited the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind and I would visit the blind students often thereafter. I would read books to them, play games with them and spend quality time with them. I experienced an amazing sense of satisfaction after spending time with them. One could say I was happy in the true sense of the word. That was the moment when I thought of creating a platform, which the youth could also use to connect with various non governmental organisations (NGOs)." Since the Internet is the easiest and fastest mode of communication, Sanjana worked towards connecting the youth through social networking sites. Sanjana says, "As far as NGOs are concerned, time is more important than money. There are many NGOs that have enough funds but they do not have the volunteers to help them spread the word. Less privileged children don't really need people's money. They need someone who can talk to them and spend some quality time with them. It's thus very important to get people together to work for such causes."


Sanjana's website, innocenttouch.in is simple and informative and lists five NGOs that one can volunteer for. The website also has a Facebook page, which helps promote Sanjana's cause and spread the word faster. The NGOs that are listed on her website are Meljol, Safe Kids Worldwide, Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Toybank and Sanskar India Foundation. Sanjana says, "I researched various NGOs that work for the betterment of children and selected five of them. I was more interested in NGOs that work only for children as child-to-child interaction is always a lot more fun, rewarding and heartening." Sanjana's effort and passion to make a difference in society was recognised by Aflatoon, an international NGO. She was invited by the NGO for a two-week international conference held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to spread awareness on the importance of managing finances for NGOs. She adds, "The conference was a learning experience. There were people from all around the world and this helped me a great deal as I got to hear different ideas. The conference had NGOs from every corner of the world including UNICEF representatives. The two-week event was all about sharing ideas, attending seminars and lectures and exchanging views. I learnt a lot about finances and aspects which are important to the initiative I have started." In keeping with RobinAge's motto of Care. Share.Dare, we encourage you to log on to innocenttouch.in and be part of Sanjana's initiative.



Safe Kids Worldwide is the first ever global effort to focus solely on preventable childhood injuries. Road accidents, drowning and fires claim the lives of thousands of children each year and millions more are injured. This NGO looks at a multifaceted pproach to address the issue of childhood injury in India and make child safety a priority for Indian families.



MelJol aims at developing responsible citizenship amongst children through child rights education. MelJol puts emphasis on taking child rights education to children through teachers. Its focus is to conduct workshops for teachers, community leaders and government functionaries to make them aware of child rights, to motivate them to be involved in child rights education and to strengthen the processes for children's participation at the school and community levels.



Toybank is a non-profit organisation that has been set up with the aim of providing toys to every child in India. It believes that toys shape the psyche of children, so utmost care needs to be taken to give children only unbiased and morally correct toys.



Sanskar India Foundation is concerned with working for civic, environmental, social and health causes. Its child-friendly programme currently runs in 74 schools in three languages in Mumbai.



The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind is a charitable institution dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of the blind. Children at the school are provided with education and extracurricular activities that help them in their all-round development and enable them to be self-sufficient.

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