Just Like a Snake!


A new study has revealed that the Congolese giant toad shows unusual behaviour—it imitates the appearance and behaviour of a highly poisonous snake called the Gaboon viper in order to avoid its predators. Gaboon vipers are found in central, eastern and southern Africa. They measure up to 7ft in length and weigh around 7.7kgs. This species of snake is said to have the longest fangs and is highly poisonous.

Congolese giant toads, which are nocturnal in nature, can grow up to 5 inches long and are found in the rainforests of Central Africa. Due to their large size, Congolese giant toads are an easy target for predators like birds, lizards, snakes and other mammals. The toad has physical traits similar to those of the Gaboon viper such as the size and shape of its head and colour pattern, which makes it easier for it to mimic the snake’s appearance and behaviour. When threatened, the toad makes hissing noises just like the Gaboon viper does in the wild.

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