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Melissa Fernandes discovers the healthy habits and exercises that children have developed a passion for.


Samita Rathor is an internationally-certified yoga instructor with distinctions from various reputed institutes and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. She carries a post-graduate diploma in counseling psychology. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Science of Living.

Hop, skip and jump! This is what children are up to every hour of the day. They enjoy exploring and discovering new things and are always curious to know more. The more they experiment, the more they learn and develop from their experiences. Similarly, when they are introduced to physical training programmes or gym class, as it is called in schools, they enjoy learning different exercises and movements. They practice these movements with great enthusiasm and love trying new ones. Tushar Trivedi of class 4 from St Gregorios High School says, "I enjoy learning new exercises as the different movements fascinate me. I am very energetic and love trying new exercises."

Children have boundless energy and all this energy needs to be put to good use. Lately, a lot of children have taken to yoga. Ragini Iyer, mother of a five-year-old says,"The main reason behind this is that they are under a lot of stress. Homework, pressure to compete with other children, endless after-school activities and over-scheduling tends to pressurise them. Yoga helps them relax and betters their performance, posture and dietary habits and also relieves them of their stress." Kavita Money of class 10 from Canossa High School says, "I recently joined a yoga class and it has really made a difference to my routine."

"Yoga has countless benefits and if you practice yoga at an early age it will surely prove beneficial to you in the long run. Says Samita Rathor, an internationally certified yoga instructor adding, "Each posture of yoga has certain spiritual and mental benefits. For children, yoga catches their attention because of the varied postures it has. Each posture improves mental well-being and circulation but benefits differ for every child as it purely depends on their physical configuration and concentration level."

Yoga helps strengthen bones and muscles and improves stamina, flexibility, co-ordination,digestion, memory and concentration. Expressing her thoughts on the essence of yoga Samita says, "The true meaning of yoga is the union between the body, mind and soul. It is not physical training but mental training. I would say that yoga is essential for everyone. It is as good as breathing. It enhances the child�s flexibility and will give the child an opportunity to learn something new."

Skyler Vaz from Bombay Scottish School says, "I used to see my mother practice yoga and loved imitating the poses she did. Sometimes she sings and chants a word OM which is very amusing."

More than learning the poses, the yoga experience encourages kids to explore the unfamiliar with open minds and be comfortable with their bodies. For kids who don't enjoy conventional sports, yoga may provide a much-needed physical outlet in a non-competitive environment. Yoga also helps young adults deal with their changing bodies and gives them ways to combat stress in academic and social situations.

With its countless benefits and stress-relieving effects, yoga is the perfect form of exercise for todays kids.

Yoga helps improve ones stamina, strengthens the bones and muscles, flexibility, co-ordination, digestion, improves memory and concentration.

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