Marine Drive Turned Dump Yard


During the recent high tides in Mumbai, the Arabian Sea threw 40 metric tonnes of trash on the city’s Marine Drive in just seven days!
On July 12, the sea threw back 12 metric tonnes of trash on this stretch of road in south Mumbai. A lot of the garbage that came back to the shore was plastic, thermocol and packaging material.

The beaches all across Mumbai turned into garbage dumps as the high tide receded. So far, 55 labourers have collected over 200 metric tonnes of waste from different beaches and seafronts across Mumbai. According to officials, the quantum of waste thrown
back by the sea this year is much higher than in other years.

A lot of waste generated from homes and industrial areas is dumped into the drains and rivers of Mumbai and finds its way into
the creek. The trash thus ends up in the sea as well as in the city’s mangroves. In a day, Mumbai is said to dump 2,100 million
litres of wastewater sewage into the sea, one of the highest in the world.

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