Meet the New Writer, Nityasya Belapurkar


Melissa Fernandes speaks to a new writer on the block


"Ever since I was a child, writing has been my best friend. I love putting down my thoughts on paper and I'm very passionate about it," says Nityasya Belapurkar, the 17-year-old author of 'You're Not Alone', a novel published by Bombadil Publishing.

This young novelist has fancied literature since she was six years old and captured all her memories in writing. She began putting down all her thoughts and experiences onto paper and today they have emerged as her inspiration for her first novel. She calls herself an army girl and her parents often shifted from one place to another. Due to this constant change of residence, she has attended many schools and made many friends.

But how did this passion for writing become her career? Nityasya says, "I've always liked the English language and hence I read a lot. I enjoy exploring this language, which is really vast and deep. I started with everything that inspired me and I thought it was necessary to treasure it."

Many of us spend our childhood days reading bedtime stories with our parents. It was the same for Nityasya, who read all sorts of books with her mother and continues to do so. "I like reading books that I can relate to and also those that let you use your own imagination. Reading definitely broadens your perspective and you also learn the language better. I don't fancy reading non-fiction books as they are theoretical, dry and heavy."

Nityasya started writing 'Youíre Not Alone' during her time in class 9 and 10 while she was studying at St Anne's High School, Fort. Her book is based on her experiences at school. It is a combination of 14 stories of school girls and instances from their lives, which played a role in enhancing their character and making them wise.

Nityasya says, "This book has got a lot to do with simple teenage issues and after witnessing 14 different stories and putting them down, I thought it best to publish them. I just felt that there was a need to tell a story and hence came up with this book." Nityasya is happy to be called a novelist at such a young age, but that's not all. She plans to major in English literature and take her passion to greater heights after studying her favourite language intensely.

She is currently working on her International Baccalaureate course from B D Somani International School. "Iím glad to have been able to write a book and make my parents proud, but Iím aiming for higher goals and will work hard towards them," adds Nityasya.

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