Plan Your Academic Year Well


Melissa Fernandes speaks to a few children who put their summer vacation to good use and figures out their plans for the new academic year.

Having stretched their imagination at a variety of camps that included arts and crafts, dance workshops and classes on environmental degradation and recycling, young students are now eager to go back to school and talk about all that they learnt in their holidays.

Some like Akash Amarshi from Jankidevi Public School attended environment-related workshops during the summer. Says Akash, "I am now aware that fuel from cars destroys the atmosphere. This year, instead of travelling by car all the time, I will also try and walk or cycle to school."

Similarly, Bushra Kazi, a class 7 student from Cosmopolitan High School, would like to plant more trees in her surroundings and keep public areas litter free. She is going to promote the use of dustbins and will encourage her classmates to follow her footsteps this year. Krisha Mistry from JB Vachha High School says, "I think cleanliness starts from our own house, so I will start with keeping my room clean." From there on, we hope she spreads the word and gets kids from her school and locality to keep their city clean.

Guransh Singh, a class 4 student from RN Podar School, is one amongst several students who have utilised their vacations well and have done something noteworthy. He says, "My vacations were great, I learnt how to play the keyboard and also participated in the Mass International Spelling Bee competition for which I had to study a lot. But I'm waiting for school to begin and meet my friends." Sanah Bhabha, a class 3 student from Jamnabai Narsee School, took swimming and calligraphy classes while Aryan Fredericks from Lady Vissanji Academy enjoyed a dance class and doesn't want to talk about school as yet.

Exploring and experimenting have been the buzz words this summer. Skyler Vaz from Bombay Scottish says, "I spent my holidays learning chess and vedic mathematics and also practising skating, which is now my new favourite hobby. I'm a bit nervous to go to school as I will now have new teachers."

For kids, a new year implies new books, new bags and stationery, new teachers and a pretty long year to look forward to. Some kids wait for school to start while some don't want to bid goodbye to their holidays. And some kids are the happy-go-lucky kinds who enjoy both worlds. Sania Kanwar is one such child. A class 3 student of Jamnabai Narsee School, she took part in the Prithvi workshops and is truly going to miss her holidays. At the same time, she is looking forward to learning new subjects and meeting her classmates again!

For others like Leanne Frank, a class 4 student from Canossa High School, "School is more fun than holidays. I get to play pranks on my teachers and also my classmates and Iím waiting for it to start," she giggles mischievously.

Pratham Mehta, Class 3, Vibgyor High School: "I read about an adventure camp at Lonavala in RobinAge and decided to go there. When I reached Lonavala, the first thing I had to do was to pitch an eco-friendly tent and decorate the same. To my surprise I learnt archery, which I never thought I would. At night we stayed up in the jungle using our torches! That was the best part. The next day we went to a nearby village in a bullock cart where I saw thatched houses made of straw. We had a fancy dress competition wherein the theme was tribals and I was dressed as one and just loved having paint all over me!"

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