School Bag Policy 2020


The Union Education Ministry has prepared the School Bag Policy 2020. According to the policy, school bags for class 1 to 12 should weigh only 10% of the bodyweight of the student. Students of pre-primary school should not carry school bags at all. The policy also mentions that the weight of every textbook should be printed on it by the publisher. Schools should have a digital weighing machine to check the weight of students’ bags.

The policy also addresses the kind of school bag to be used—it should be light in weight with proper compartments and adjustable straps. Trolley school bags will not be allowed as they can cause damage to the student’s back if they are carried while climbing stairs. The class timetable will need to be prepared carefully considering the weight of the bag. The education ministry has sent written information to schools to implement all relevant suggestions for the next academic year.

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