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Study Reveals Ant Intelligence


In a new study, scientists from the University of Toulouse, France, proved that ants use their memory to avoid dangerous situations after a risky experience. Ants are known to be brilliant navigators. They use scent trails when they travel to trace their way back to their nests. In this new study, scientists proved that ants also use their visual memory to avoid previously encountered traps and change their route when they come across obstacles. The experiment was carried out on two species of desert ants—Melophorus bagoti from Australia and Cataglyphis fortis from the Sahara Desert. The ants were placed in a pit trap with slippery walls and a small bridge hidden with twigs that led to the ants’ nest. In the first attempt, the ants fell into the pit while approaching the path towards their nest. On the second attempt, they used their visual memory and changed their route to avoid the fall. In the second attempt, the ants stopped and scanned their route before approaching the path to their nest and safely made it through without falling into the pit.

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