Success Stories of Young Kids


We take a look at how children that live in the Don Bosco Shelter in Mumbai have worked towards changing their life around

20-year-old Javed Khan wishes to be a DJ but knows he has a long arduous task ahead of him. To support his endeavour, he has opted for a part-time job at IMAX.

14-year-old Taria Shankar is a gifted artist. He loves working with beads and is part of Hamara Adda, an art class run at the shelter. He has been trained to create innovative bead jewellery and aspires to make this his profession. Taria is originally from Rajasthan and came to Mumbai with his parents. Unfortunately he found himself separated from his parents at a Mumbai railway station. Since then he has been living with the Outreach staff at the centre.

14-year-old Deepak Singh from Bihar was abandoned as a child. He came to Mumbai with stars in his eyes, but had to live on the streets for a while. Taken in by the shelter, Deepak started studying hard. A passionate student, he scores between 82% and 91% and stands first in his class. He has been awarded the best student over two consecutive years. He loves art, dramatics and sports. He aims to become a teacher.

Zuber Rahin hails from Madhya Pradesh. He aims to start his own animation company some day and has even completed a course in animation along with his graduation. Zuber is known for his motivating talks and the guidance he gives the boys at the shelter.

15-year-old Ajay Tiv plays for the shelter's football team and has been selected to train with Premier Indian Football Academy (PIFA). Awarded as the man of the match several times, Ajay comes from a small town in West Bengal. His father used to physically abuse him, which made him run away from home. He aspires to be teacher.

13-year-old Venkatesh Devkar is the son of a construction worker from Mumbai. Venkatesh ran away from home with his elder brother due to poverty. Today, he scores close to 70% in his exams and has also been selected by PIFA for football training.

21-year-old Prabhakar Chauhan is from a small town in Chennai. A good student, family constraints forced him to stop his education and pick up odd jobs. At the age of 17 years he was sent to Borivili Bosco Boys for vocational training in carpentry, however he could not complete his training as he had to undergo a heart surgery in October 2007. While he was recovering from his surgery, he applied for his class 10 exams through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in Hindi medium, and learnt driving. Today, he is set to clear his class 12 exams and works as a driver.

20-year-old Bashir Hakim was forced to work in a hotel by his grandfather, when he refused to do so, the only option he was left with was to run away and look for a new identity for himself. Once at the shelter, Bashir finished his welding course from Karjat Yuva Prathisthan. He is currently studying at a maritime academy.

15-year-old Bheem Bohra is from a very small remote village in Nepal. He left his family and came to Mumbai to study. He hopes to complete his education and go back to his village and teach. He believes in perfection.