The Asteroid Menace


According to a recent NASA report, an asteroid as huge as the Empire State Building passed by Earth at a speed of 74,02,982kms per hour last week. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which comes under the purview of NASA and audits the movements of these celestial bodies, reported that the passing of such asteroids has become very common over the past few months. Scientists believe these near misses could cause substantial damage to the Earth if they were to get pulled into the Earth’s atmosphere due to gravity. For example, it is believed that a 12km-large asteroid wiped out dinosaurs from Earth many years ago. However, 95% of the currently reported asteroids do not pose a direct threat to Earth. The Asteroid 2019GT3, which is predicted to pass close to the Earth on September 6, is bigger than the Empire State Building and Pyramid of Giza and could destroy an entire city.

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