RobinAge: News - The Polar Bear Might Go Extinct

The Polar Bear Might Go Extinct


According to a new study, polar bear populations will struggle to survive beyond 2100. At present, there are about 25,000 polar bears in the Arctic region. However, greenhouse gas emissions are taking a toll on their ability to survive. In the winter, these animals live on sea ice and feed on seals that are found under ice water. This helps them build their energy to survive during the summer, when the sea ice melts and they are forced onto the mainland, away from their source of food. According to the researchers, most sub-populations of the polar bear will face extinction as ongoing climate change will lead to the loss of sea ice, which will force the animals away from their food supply. Prolonged fasting and a decline in the ability to take care of their cubs will lead to a drop in population and lower survival rates.

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