Meet Vishal Sanjay: A Young Blogger


Meet Vishal Sanjay, a young blogger whose blogs and tweets have made him an Internet whiz kid!


Today, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are part of our daily lives. They help us communicate, explore, play games, exchange photographs, tag our favourite sites on the Internet and lots more. But for 14-year-old Vishal Sanjay, the Internet has become a place where he showcases his talent and earns some money too.

Vishal is a social media whiz kid who runs his own blog and provides online marketing services to a long list of clients that he has managed to gather over a short period of time. Vishal says, "Blogging interested me about three years ago, but I started my first blog only a year and a half ago. I decided to invest some time and effort into the Internet as I knew it would become a source of earnings where I would need to put in very little initial investment, but could expect huge returns depending on my work."

This confident teen is now the proud creator and co-owner of his blog,, which has more than 15,000 monthly visitors and 1,300 subscribers. His network doesn't stop here. He has many followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook too. He adds, "I was fascinated by those who made money through the Internet. I found out about bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse and that's when I got to know more about blogosphere."

But just like every other school student, academics are equally important to Vishal. He studies at Ryan International School in Bengaluru and is allowed to blog for no more than three hours a day after school. But even with this kind of limited time put in, he manages to earn close to 250 to 400 dollars (Rs 11,500 to 18,000) per month. He says, "I currently have five permanent clients who are part of my ongoing project list, but I get about 17 to 20 new projects every month, all of which are small social media and web or graphic design works. There is a totally different world outside of school and one needs to be aware of that."

With his parents' support and hard work, Vishal has already achieved great success and is looking forward to a better and brighter future. He says, "I have put in a lot of work over the last two years and it feels great to have achieved this. The recognition and success is great and my parents are extremely happy about it. But at the same time they are very cautious about it as I have to concentrate on my studies too. I firmly believe that you should follow the route of your choice and you will succeed only with hard work and excellence."

There is no doubt about the fact that today's generation believes in multitasking and Vishal is no exception! Along with his school and his blogging business, he is writing a book on blogging and Internet marketing. He adds, "I would like to call my book 'The Big Fat Blogger', which is about setting up a successful Internet business. The book mainly concentrates on an audience who already knows about this medium." While Vishal had initially considered self-publishing the book using Amazon or Lulu, he has now received a few offers from publishers. He proudly proclaims, "My book should be in the market in the next two months!"

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