World’s Largest Vertical Farm


Vertical Farm Leading airline company, Emirates has teamed up with Crop One, an agri-tech start-up, to build the world’s biggest vertical farm. Sources say that construction for this $40 million, 1,30,000sq ft vertical farm will begin in November this year. According to the companies, this farm will use 99% less water than regular outdoor farms and once completed, it will be used to grow about 2,800kgs of green leafy vegetables.

The produce will be available for meals served in-flight and at airport lounges by next year. Plants grown on this farm will feed on a nutrient-rich solution instead of soil. Other factors such as humidity and temperature will be controlled in modular containers to generate
maximum yield. LED lights will be used in place of the sun as these plants will be grown in a controlled and protected environment where there will be no need  for pesticides or herbicides.

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