Meet Young Artists, Aditya and Pooja Jeswani


Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and novelist, once said, "I put all my genius into my life. I put only my talent into my work." Priyanka Sarang meets two young artists, Aditya and Pooja Jeswani, who have made these words their inspiration

Last week, a young brother-sister team of Aditya and Pooja Jeswani showcased their paintings at an exhibition at ILeap Art Gallery, a space dedicated to young painters. All of 12 and 8 years respectively, the duo paint with dedication and keen intent and have often been compared to more famous artists!

Talking about his paintings Aditya says, "Painting helps me put my thoughts on paper. There are no restrictions on what you think or how you present it. Your mind dips into a palate of colours and they flow on the paper. I got an opportunity to exhibit my talent at a really young age and I think that is amazing. Many people called me and congratulated me, which made me feel really proud of myself. This has also boosted my confidence and made me realise that I can do much better in the future."

Revealing his future plans, Aditya mentions that he would like to continue to be a hobby painter but wants to pursue a career as a writer. He is an in-house writer for DIMDIMA, an online children's magazine. Says he, "If painting is my hobby, writing is my passion."

His 8-year-old sister, Pooja plans to pursue a career as a painter. She says, "It feels nice to see my paintings on the wall." Her love for colours keeps her busy all day and her tiny hands love to draw birds, trees and butterflies.

Aditya's repertoire is a little more mature and is based on his emotions and moods. Like every artist, he uses his work to express his feelings. He also loves to read about famous artists, their work, their life and their inspirations.

Aditya and Pooja have been attending drawing classes for the past eight and five years respectively. "Taking formal training is not always important if you are talented, but it definitely helps sharpen your talents." Says Aditya. The credit for their present status as showing artists must also be given to their parents, who recognized their talent early on and put the siblings through art camps to help them develop and refine their skills.

Throughout the exhibition, Aditya and Pooja received a lot of support from their parents. The duo's dad is a painter himself. It's not surprising then that these youngsters have turned out such awesome work.

We met up with Noopur Kanchan, owner of ILeap Art Gallery, which hosts these exhibitions once a month at no cost at all. She says, "My aim with these exhibitions is to motivate kids and develop a level of confidence in them."

Aditya and Pooja are living examples of how kids can showcase their talents. And with more spaces like the ILeap Gallery offering children the chance to display their skills, the oppurtunities for success are endless.

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