Are You an Awesome Team Leader or a Better Follower?

Personality Quizzes

Today, from nations to large business houses, the world relies on great leaders. But not everyone likes to lead, some prefer to be part of the process and work with the team. Find out who you are—a leader or a follower

1) Your friend wants to go for a pizza, you want to eat burgers. What do you do?

  1. Suggest a place where you get both
  2. Convince your friend to eat where you’d like to go
  3. Don’t want to disappoint your friend, so go for pizza

2) Your class is putting up a skit for the annual day. How do you choose to be involved? 

  1. Direct the play or help organise it
  2. Act in it and lobby for the central role, if possible
  3. Enjoy back-stage work and help out

3) What kind of a job do you dream of?  

  1. Any managerial role that needs good teamwork
  2. Company CEO
  3. Starting my own organisation in partnership with a trusted colleague

4) What do your parents say about you?

  1. You are the self-assured, mature one
  2. You are the chatterbox, star-of-the-show
  3. You are the quiet, charming one

5) Your class is working on a group project. The leader is chosen by lucky draw and your name gets picked as a leader for your group. What happens?  

  1. Your group tells you they were hoping you’d get picked because you are a natural leader
  2. You feel great in the role and think about how your team is going to win the prize
  3. You know your friend could do a better job and suggest this to the teacher
6)  You are at the mall. Suddenly, a small child comes to you and asks you what time it is. You don't see any parents around. What do you do? 
  1. Give him the time and ask if he knows where his parents are
  2. Say, "Sorry, I donʼt know what time it is.” You never know the time!
  3. Tell him the time and glance around for his parents

7) Your teacher loved your write-up about the solar system. She asks you to read it out to the rest of the class.

  1. You read it out confidently
  2. You wish she could have asked you to read it during school assembly
  3. You are a little nervous about reading it and wish you could have your friend next to you


Mostly As: LEADER: You are a natural at leading people, a great team player and someone who others can respect and trust. You are very good at bringing a group together and can be liked by your team, while also getting the job done at the same time.

Mostly Bs: BOSS: You have all the qualities of a great leader but tend to be self-centred. You get upset if you don’t get your way. Trust yourself and others a little more and you can go a long way! 

Mostly Cs: FOLLOWERS: You are more comfortable working under someone’s guidance and like it that way. As they say, all the world can’t be a leader and you are naturally skilled at listening and showing direction to others, rather than leading from the front.