What's Your Back-to-School Attitude?

Personality Quizzes

by H'vovi Bhagwagar

1. What was your average wake-up time during the holidays?
A. 7 am
B. 9 am
C. 1 pm

2. What's the one thought you have on the first day of school?
A. Since Iím here, I might as well do the best I can
B. When does Saturday arrive?
C. I need to win the Spelling Bee contest this year

3. What's the thing you most look forward to in school?
A. The end of the day
B. Sports hour
C. Prize distribution

4. What's the one thing you don't like about school?
A. Report cards
B. Homework
C. Uniforms

5. What's your general attitude towards school and education?
A. Getting good grades is compulsory
B. Without education, life is a struggle
C. The education system needs an overhaul

6. How many friends do you have at school?
A. Plenty, I know most of my class
B. A few close friends I can share with
C. Iím popular with my friends and unpopular with the teachers!

1. A=10, B=15, C=5 2. A=15, B=5, C=10
3. A=5, B=15, C=10 4. A=10, B=5, C=15
5. A=10, B=15, C=5 6. A=15, B=10, C=5

25 to 50 points
Bummer: Going back to school is going to take some major adjustments! Some things about school, especially studies and a schedule, are not up your alley. But you seem to be a great group leader and enjoy extra curricular activities. So keep a positive outlook and find things about school that you like instead of focusing on the negatives. Maybe school can turn out to be something to look forward to! 

50 to 70 points
School's Cool: Looks like you really missed school, so you'll probably enjoy going back. But you seem to look at school more as a competition ground rather than a place of education. Do make sure the competition stays healthy! And if possible, try to look beyond studies to some extra-curricular activities so that you can develop a broader perspective.

70 or more points
Adjustment Guru: You can adjust to school, like most other things in your life, with ease. Although you don't seem too cool about returning to school, once there you will be enthusiastic about it. Maintain your positive spirit and pass it on to some of your friends too!

H'vovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai with a private practice at Manashni, Powai.
Visit her website at www.hvovikesaath.com or write to her at hvovi76@gmail.com

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