Can People Trust You?

Personality Quizzes

by Hívovi Bhagwagar 

Trust takes years to build and a moment to break. Being trustworthy requires a combination of personality traits such as openness, honesty, courage and reliability. Trustworthy people are usually well-liked, admired and have good relationships with their family and friends. 

To find out how trustowrthy you are, answer the following questions using a scale of 1 to 5 where
1: almost never
2: rarely
3: sometimes
4: frequently
5: almost always

1. When someone tells me something I don't agree with, I'll listen and think about it.
2. I let people know if I am having a bad day or something is bothering me.
3. I share information about something I know about, unless I have promised not to.
4. I tell the truth, even if it might make me look bad.
5. I treat people fairly.
6. I behave ethically.
7. What you see is what you get with me.
8. I am clear in my own mind about what is important to me.
9. I am proud of my culture, religion and nationality.
10. When I make a decision, I am clear it is the right thing.
11. I stand up for what I believe is right, even if others might criticise me.
12. I admit when Iíve made a mistake.
13. If I promise something, I deliver it.
14. I am consistent in what I do.
15. I can be depended upon.
16. I take time to understand the expectations and needs of others.
17. I consider how other people might be feeling.
18. I sit quietly and listen when someone is talking to me.

Tally your score. If you scored:

72 to 90: You are doing very well and probably have people who trust you and depend on you.

54 to 71: You are on the way to developing your trustworthiness. Take a look at the areas you scored lower on and think about what you can do differently to improve.

36 to 53: You may notice that you have some conflicts with others or there may be tension in your relationships. Work on improving those areas where you rated lower.

18 to 35: You may want to take some help to work on the areas where you have scored lower. Your ability to build and maintain healthy relationships at school and at home is really dependent on you improving your trustworthiness.

H'vovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist and qualified MBTI® practitioner. She also conducts workshops on life skills and writes for various publications. You can reach her at