What Fruit Do You Resemble?

Personality Quizzes

by H'vovi Bhagwagar

1. One word to describe you is
A. Classy
B. Energetic
C. Adaptable
D. Outgoing

2. Your preferred holiday destination would be
A. Exotic locations like Greece
B. A trekking trip
C. Beaches, mountains or deserts
D. A package tour, preferably with my family and friends

3. What kind of place would you like to eat at?
A. A 5-star hotel
B. At home or at a healthy restaurant
C. At a restaurant or a roadside dhaabaIm not choosy
D. A fast food joint where I can hang out with a large group

4. What kind of food do you enjoy?
A. Unusual cuisines and not regular food
B. Low-calorie healthy food
C. Whatever's cooked or ordered, Im not fussy about food
D. The company is important so if Im with a good gang, I enjoy the meal a lot more

5. Your body type and style of dressing are
A. Slightly plump but I am always well turned out
B. Athletic and toned and prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts
C. Lean and can wear any type of outfit
D. Small, cute and always neatly dressed

6. You are known for being
A. Chic, cool, trendy
B. A fitness freak
C. The kind of person everyone gets along with
D. A regular party person who is great at organising get-togethers

More As: You're a mango - rich,royal and exclusive
More Bs: You're an apple - health conscious
More Cs: You're a banana - everyone's favourite
More Ds: You're a grape - always hanging out in a bunch!

Hvovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai, with a private practice at "Manashni", Powai. Visit her website at www.hvovikesaath.com or write to her at hvovi76@gmail.com