How Well Do You Know Your Mom?

Personality Quizzes

by H'vovi Bhagwagar

Mother's day is a special day when children express their love for their mother. Each year, I look forward to the sweet gifts my son puts together for me for Mother's Day—lopsided paper roses, cards and even jewellery! Here's a fun way to figure out what your mother may like as a gift this Mother's Day.

1. If your father offered to take your mother on a holiday, where would she choose to go?
A. Paris
B. A hike alone or a Euro-tour with her friends
C. A small cottage by a beach
D. Disneyland

2. For your birthday party what does your mother usually do? 
A. Throw a theme party with music, host, party games and catered food
B. Rent a movie for your friends at home or give you some money to take your friends out
C. Have a house-party with hand-made decorations, a home baked cake and yummy treats made by her
D. Take you and your friends to a movie or out for pizza

3. What would your mother go to the supermarket with? 
A. Sunglasses and handbag
B. She forgets things, she’s always in a hurry
C. Her reusable eco-friendly (hand-stitched) bag for her purchases
D. A list of things to buy prepared the night before

4. What would your mother do on a free afternoon? 
A. Make an appointment at the parlour or get a massage
B. Have a cup of coffee and see a movie of her choice
C. Go for a walk in the park
D. Make a to-do list

5. How much time does your mother spend getting dressed in the morning? 
A. She needs about half an hour, she’s always well turned out
B. Two minutes, she’s usually in a hurry
C. She gets dressed at her own pace, when everyone’s left the house
D. About 10 minutes while we are getting dressed

6. Your mother's favourite drink is...
A. A fancy mocktail
B. Instant coffee
C. Brewed herbal tea
D. A milkshake that she can share with you

7. What kind of movie does your mother usually like?
A. Romantic ones
B. Action thrillers
C. Family dramas
D. Science fiction


Your mother loves being pampered. She would love a gift certificate to the spa, maybe some perfume or a lovely hand-bag. Home-made soap would also be great.

You have a "gimme time” mother. She needs some time alone and would probably appreciate help and a day off to herself with the children taken care of. Gift her a short holiday or gift certificate saying you’ll manage home chores for a day!

Yours is a "house-proud” mother. Your mother is a creative person who would love anything that makes her home look great. A new vase, tablecloth, set of coffee mugs or baking trays are good gifts for her. If you made some candles at home or decorated a table runner for her, she would love that too!

You have a practical mother. She mom is a neat, organised, practical person so only a down-to-earth gift will do. She loves thoughtful gifts that she can use every day, like a family planner or a picture frame.

Whatever gift you get mother (or even if you don't), make sure this Mother's Day you tell her how much you love her and appreciate her. Have a great day with your mother!