How Well Do You Know Your Pet?

Personality Quizzes

When you play with your pet , what does your pet do ?

  1. Plays for a long time
  2. Runs away because of the toy’s movement
  3. Plays for a little while
  4. Plays for a while and then runs around the house
  5. Ignores you and continues to sleep
In case of a thunderstorm , your pet will …
  1. Stay by your side and watch the thunderstorm
  2. Chase its tail
  3. Act the same as usual
  4. Run under the sofa with every sound of thunder
  5. Sleep on your lap till the lightning stops
If a stranger visits your house what does your pet do ?
  1. Carefully approaches the stranger and after a while, allows the person to pet it
  2. Hides in its favourite place
  3. Sniffs the stranger and walks away but stays in the room
  4. Doesn’t pay any attention to the new person
  5. Sees the stranger, but stays where it is
How would your pet welcome a new puppy ?
  1. Approach it and play with the young one
  2. Run away and hide from the new one
  3. Sniff the puppy and then carry on with its regular activities
  4. Bark at the new puppy
  5. Watch the puppy from a distance
What does your pet do when you cut its nails ?
  1. Allows you to groom it
  2. Hides and once found, it fights being groomed
  3. Runs away but ultimately allows you to groom it
  4. Makes you chase it and once caught, will scratch, bark and fight to get its nails clipped
  5. Fidgets a lot but eventually gives in

If children want to play with your pet , how does your pet react ?

  1. Plays happily with them
  2. Hides from the children
  3. Ignores them and runs away if they approach it
  4. Races up and down the house or hallway
  5. Allows the children to gently pet it, but doesn’t play
Your pet ’s feeding routine …
  1. Loves to eat
  2. Eats only after everyone is done eating
  3. Eats when it is hungry
  4. Jumps whenever food is brought out
  5. Eats when you eat
When you pet it , how does your pet react ?
  1. Loves being petted at any time and by most members of the family
  2. Allows only one person to pet it
  3. Is fine if any family member pets it, but not for too long
  4. Doesn’t like being petted
  5. Allows everyone to pet it
What does your pet do when someone pet -sits it ?
  1. Loves to play with the pet-sitter and enjoys being petted
  2. Runs away and hides
  3. Checks the visitor and may allow being touched
  4. Runs around and stops to find out who the visitor is
  5. Sniffs the person and once it recognises the person, continues to sleep.

If you have chosen more 1s then your pet scores:

You have the ideal pet

If you have chosen more 2s then your pet scores:
You need to socialise your pet a bit more , which will help it shed it s shyness


If you have chosen more 3s then your pet scores:

Your pet is perfectly involved in all the thing s around it

If you have chosen more 4s then your pet scores:
With a little bit of training , your pet will surely be more friendly towards others


 If you have chosen more 5s then your pet scores:

Your cute and cuddly pet needs a bit more physical activity.