What Flavour Are You?

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Did you know that the food you crave can actually reveal secrets about your personality, your nature and your preferences in life? Dr Alan R Hirsch, an American neurologist who specialises in the treatment of people who lose their sense of smell or taste says, "Cravings definitely have a physical component, but they also give some insight into the type of person you are." Hirsch has studied over 18,000 people's cravings, food choices and personalities. Take this quiz to find out what your food cravings say about you.

1. You've just come home from school and you are starving. What do crave for?

A. A chocolate bar or biscuits
B. A packet of chips or farsan
C. Chatpata stuff like bhel or a samosa

2. What would you most like to see in your lunchbox?
A. Halwa or a piece of chocolate cake
B. Parathas or French fries
C. Curry rice

3. If you are cooking breakfast for your family, what would you whip up?
A. Pancakes or French toast
B. Cheese omelettes or upma
C. Masala dosa or kheema-pav

4. What's your favourite movie time snack?
A. Ice cream
B. Salted popcorn
C. Boiled corn with chaat masala

5. What would you crib about most if it was missing from a meal?
A. The after-meal dessert
B. Less salt in the food
C. Bland food with less chilli

6. What's your ideal meal accompaniment?
A. Chunda, lime pickle or gur (jaggery)
B. Papad or wafers
C. Mango pickle

7. What do you attack first at a birthday party?
A. The birthday cake
B. The wafers
C. The pav bhaji 

Based on Dr Alan Hirsch's studies, here;s what your cravings say about you.

MORE As: You definitely have a sweet tooth and love gorging on desserts!
Your Personality: Sugar cravers live with few regrets. They love the rush of energy and feel the need to boost their mood often. They tend to be different and they like to stand out and feel special.

MORE Bs: You prefer salty food! 
Your Personality: People who crave salty foods go with the flow. They sometimes believe that outside forces determine their fate, rather than their own hard work.

MORE Cs: You love the spice in your life and crave food with mirch-masala!
Your Personality: People that crave spicy food are perfectionists. They love order, hate wasting time and pay a lot of attention to details.