Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

Personality Quizzes

Here's a simple quiz that will tell you which superhero you are most like!

1. The alien forces have attacked our planet. How do you intend to save the world?
A. I will use advanced weaponry
B. I am God, I need no plan
C. I will die for my planet
D. I will use my bare hands
E. I will just shoot in the dark and see what happens
F. I will hit them where it hurts the most

2. What would you fight for?
A. Others
B. The Earth
C. Peace
D. Revenge
E. Justice
F. My country

3. Which sport or exercise do you prefer?
A. Cardio-vascular training
B. Inter-galactic polo
C. Athletics
D. Is there a sport where I can break stuff?
E. Archery?
F. Gymnastics

4. The enemies are too many, how would you regain power?
A. Green energy
B. A bolt from the blue
C. Willpower
D. Brute force
E. An extra set of arrows
F. By chatting up a couple of aliens

5. What's your favourite colour?
A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Purple
F. Black


Mostly As: Tony Stark or Iron Man is an arrogant businessman who delivers everything with a dose of sarcasm. He has a powerful suit of armour and instead of a heart his body is powered by a cool device that runs on green energy. His stubbornness is his only disadvantage.

Mostly Bs: Thor is a vengeful foreigner. Based on the Norse mythological god, Thor is the God of thunder and son of Odin, the ruler of a faraway planet called Asgard. He uses his magical hammer, Mjolnir, to fight his enemies.

Mostly Cs: Captain America or Steve Rogers is super serious and methodical. The World War 2 veteran was given superhuman abilities by a serum in a bid to create the ultimate US soldier. He is gifted with super strength, speed and stamina.

Mostly Ds: Hulk is a brilliant scientist, who was affected by gamma radiation, which turned him into a one-man rampage. His hulk smash has been known to smash buildings.

Mostly Es: Hawkeye has no super powers but he is at the very peak of human conditioning. He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and a grand-master marksman.

Mostly Fs: Black Widow performs hair-raising stunts and is a highly trained former Soviet agent. She has no known super powers but she is extremely smart and suave.