What Kind of Diwali Cracker Are You?

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Diwali is the festival of lights, sound, excitement, fun and sharing. Each of us enjoy festivals in our own unique way - some of us like noisy gatherings and some prefer quiet get-togethers. Take this quiz to find out how you like to celebrate Diwali! (by H'vovi Bhagwagar)

1. What's your way of mingling during festivals and family gatherings?

A. I am always the noisy one, the life of the party
B. I mingle with everyone and am ready to help out, if needed
C. I am playful and well dressed
D. I want the party to carry on till late

2. Which Diwali sweet is your favourite?

A. Chocolate
B.Traditional mithai like barfi and laddoo
C. Anything decorated and presented well, traditional or not
D. Exotic desserts such as tiramisu

3. What holiday destination would you like to go during Diwali vacations?

A. A group trip, with good company
B. My grandparentsí house
C. Any place with a lot of sightseeing
D. An exciting adventure trip to a place like Africa

4. What kind of gift would you like to receive during Diwali?

A. Something that makes a statement
B. Clothes or something useful like a gadget
C. Jewellery or other dainty things
D. A computer game

5. What kind of Diwali crackers do you prefer?

A. Exciting ones that are challenging to light
B. Safe and noiseless ones
C. Pretty sparkly ones which children can play with
D. Crackers that give long-lasting fun and not ones that fizzle out easily

Your Score: If you get more -

As: You are like a sutli bomb, you like adventure and loud fun. You bring light to the dullest situations.
Bs: You are like the safe fuljadi or sparkler, always dependable and needed. People feel they can count on you.
Cs: You are like an anar or flower pot. You like aesthetic, pretty looking things and are warm and generous.
Ds: You are like a ladi or garland cracker. You like luxury and a good life. You also have tremendous energy and are usually optimistic.

H'vovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai, with a private practice at Manashni, Powai. Visit her website at www.hvovikesaath.com or write to her at hvovi76@gmail.com