What's Your Sports Personality?

Personality Quizzes

by H'vovi Bhagwagar 

Many of us feel we are "not made for sports", but that's not true. Each one of us can excel in certain types of sports. The trick is to figure out what you like and are good at. Take this quiz to discover what sport would suit your personality.

1. At a birthday party what game was/is your favourite? 
A. Passing the parcel
B. Treasure hunt
C. Blind manís bluff
D. Musical chairs

2. How would you like to spend your time in your holidays? 
A. Relaxing, watching TV or playing on the computer
B. Learning a new skill like creative writing or pottery
C. On a summer camp with lots of games and activities.
D. On an adventure camp with trekking, hiking and horse-riding

3. What's your favourite sport or game? 
A. Monopoly
B. Chess
C. Badminton and table tennis
D. Rugby and football

4. What do your friends know you as? 
A. Introverted, shy and not too outgoing
B. Calm and focused
C. Someone who gets along with anyone
D. Bubbly, energetic and aggressive

5. What would be your favourite exercise routine?
A. Treadmill or stationery cycle
B. Brisk walking or aerobics
C. Tai chi or karate
D. Jogging or playing sports

6. If you were caught home on a rainy day, what activity would you prefer? 
A. Reading or painting
B. Solving puzzles and crosswords
C. Building something (like a Lego) or baking a new dish
D. Dancing to loud music


You are an indoor game lover. You are happiest playing on your own or with a couple of close friends. Video games or board games are your forte. You may also be great at concentration activities such as archery, snooker or golf.

50 TO 100 POINTS

You are mental-physical in your preferences, which means you are suited to a combination of outdoor and indoor sports and would enjoy working on a Sudoku as much as a game of cricket. While you like both indoor and outdoor sports, you probably prefer one a little more over the other.

You are an outdoor game lover. You love nature and enjoy being in the open. You like spending time with a large group of people and you may be competitive and enjoy team activities. You would be good at most contact sports.

H'vovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai with a private practice at Manashni, Powai. Visit her website at www.hvovikesaath.com or write to her at hvovi76@gmail.com