Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich


What You Need:

Recipe for children by Sanjeev Kapoor, Master Chef, Author and Television Host. 


Condensed milk, also known as sweetened condensed milk, is cow’s milk from which water has been removed and to which sugar has been added. It is a very thick, sweet product which, when canned, can last for years without refrigeration if unopened. In Britain and Ireland, the contents of a boiled can of condensed milk are used as the layer between the biscuit base and the banana and cream level in a Banoffee pie. In parts of Asia and Europe, sweetened condensed milk is the preferred milk to be added to coffee or tea. A popular treat in Asia is condensed milk on toast and which is eaten much like jam and toast. In Scotland, it is mixed with sugar and some butter and baked to form a popular sweet candy called a Tablet or a Swiss Milk Tablet.