Traditional Carrot Cake


What You Need:

Recipe for children by Sanjeev Kapoor, Master Chef, Author and Television Host. 


Carrots have been used in sweet cakes since medieval times when sweeteners were scarce and expensive. Carrots, which contain more sugar than any other vegetable besides beetroots, were much easier to grow and have since been used to make sweet desserts. The origins of carrot cake are disputed, but it is thought to come from Gothenburg, Sweden. The popularity of carrot cake was likely revived in Britain because of rationing during World War II. Carrot cakes first became commonly available in restaurants and cafeterias in the United States in the early 1960s. At first they were a novelty item, but people liked them so much that carrot cake became standard dessert fare. In 2005, the American-based Food Network listed carrot cake, with its cream-cheese icing, as number five in the list of the top five fad foods of the 1970s. Chai tow kway, a fried carrot cake, is commonly eaten in Southeast Asia as a breakfast or snack item. However, the name 'carrot cake' is a misnomer as it contains no carrot.