4 Future Gizmos

Science & Technology

We present four work-in-progress gizmos:

If this version of a media player, designed by Tanzanian Walter Robert, comes into production, we will be carrying it around in our wallets! Called Ice Card, the media player is extremely thin and will fit into a normal sized men's wallet. Ice Card will be made scratch proof by using a material called Gorilla Glass. It would be equipped with transparent solar panels for its power source. These solar panels are so sensitive that the player wouldn't need to be under direct sunlight to get powered up. The player will also feature nanotechnologic sound and a Super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, which does not consume too much power.

A team of four Chinese designers have developed a miniature tube-shaped shaver that slips over men's fingers. The ring-shaver does not require charging, is very small and is thus easy to carry. The design has won the 2010 Red Dot Concept Award. 

Carbon Design group has created a Domino Clock for the indoors. This clock does not have a dial or hands and neither does it display time with numerals. The watch is shaped as three dominoes that can be fixed on a wall or that can simply stand on the floor. White dots display hours and minutes.

This Supersonic Stick can be wrapped around the wrist of a blind person. This stick sends out signals and then receives them when they bounce back. It warns of oncoming dangers through vibrations and sounds, thereby
alerting for danger. The device is compact and simple to use.

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