Parts Of a Butterfly

Science & Technology

Let's take a look at the parts of a butterfly!

APEX: The outer most point of the butterfly's wing.

CELL: The veins in the butterfly's wing create sections called cells.

FORE WING: Anterior pair of wings.

HIND WING: Posterior (rear) pair of wings.

THORAX: The central part of the butterfly's body.

FORE LEG: Front appendage of a butterfly used for locomotion.

MIDDLE LEG: Middle appendage of a butterfly used for locomotion.

HIND LEG: Rear appendage of a butterfly used for walking.

ABDOMEN: Th e posterior part of a butterfly's body.

SEGMENT: One of the portions of a butterfly's body.

TARSUS: Last part of the leg.

TIBIA: Middle part of the leg.

FEMUR: First part of the leg.

PROBOSCIS: Th e slender tubular elongated mouth part of a butterfly.

COMPOUND EYE: An eye consisting of hundreds or thousands of tiny light-sensitive parts with each part serving to focus light on the retina to create a portion of an image.

HEAD: Foremost part of the body of a butterfly.

ANTENNAE: The sensory organs of the butterfly that are usually jointed, at least at the base.

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