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The SNAG way might help you make a birdie. Renin Wilben shows you how.

In India, golf is looked upon as a leisure sport aimed at only the rich and the famous. Other games like cricket and tennis are always given priority in schools, holiday activities and also as career options. Former US PGA player Terry Anton is out to change that notion with the introduction of SNAG. In a candid chat with RobinAge, he explains the simplified version of the sport, its advantages and a lot more.

The Concept of SNAG

SNAG (Starting New At Golf) contains all the elements of golf but in a modified version. While researching, we found out that most novices quit the game at an early stage since they found it tough and boring. Our objective is to make the game fun to learn and we do this using the concept of chromopsychology - using a wide range of colourful, oversized clubs and balls which are specifically designed to make the sport less intimidating for beginners.
Since the game involves a lot of mental calculations as to how to get the ball to its target, it improves ones ability to process information and think and react accordingly. It also leads to a healthy mind and body and enhances a person's character while opening up a lot of social opportunities. In short, it plays its part in making you a better individual.

Becoming a Successful Golfer

The most important aspect is to practice and understand the fundamentals of thegame. Once that is done the transition from SNAG to professional golf is a matter of time. Tiger Woods has it in his genes, but others don't. So work hard and let the rest take care of itself.

SNAG in India
Pune and Mumbai will soon sport a SNAG training course. The cost of training would be very affordable. This is our priority since our aim is to make golf a mass sport.

A Special Note for Parents 

Do not force kids into the sport (or for that matter any sport). I have seen parents send their children to learn a game under a trainer at the age of four. It is not possible at that stage for a kid to decide whether he or she would like to take up the sport as a profession or not. So I request parents to please let the kids bloom in whatever they are good at. Every child is special in his or her own way and needs to be nurtured accordingly.

SNAG has been voted as the number one first touch programme in golf designed specifically for the entry-level player. It is a primary teaching tool at 4,200 golf development centres across the world. It allows for full shots, pitching, chipping and putting. The SNAG Ball has a limited distance, with the average player launching it a maximum of 50 yards.
SNAG has only two clubs: the 'Launcher' is used to launch, pitch and chip the ball; like a putter and the 'Roller' is used to roll the ball toward the target. All shots other than rolling (putting) are played off a mat and tee called the 'Launch Pad'. This ensures that the player will have an optimal line every time.

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