The Game of Football


Football is played by two teams, each having 11 players. Each player has a specific position and role in the field.

Goalkeepers must stop the other team from scoring goals. They are the only ones in the field who can hold the ball in their hands.

They are placed around their team's goal. Their main aim is to stop the other team from scoring goals. There are 4 kinds of defenders: 

They are positioned in the middle of the field. Their job is to take the ball away from the opposing team and pass it to the defenders or strikers of their team. Central midfielders pass the ball. towards the opponent's goal and also protect their own goal. Defensive midfielders tackle the ball away from opposing players and pass it to their own team players. Attacking midfielders create opportunities for their team to score goals. Wide midfielders are positioned on the right or left side of the field.

They are the front running central attackers who are in possession of the ball. Centre forward strikers have only one aim--to score goals. Deep lying forwards can either be attacking midfielders or strikers. Wingers are placed at attacking positions, close to the touchlines.

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