Reader Testimonials

My favourite kids' newspaper is RobinAge because it contains many puzzles, activities, fun facts and also all the latest important news in the world. I love to read the general knowledge pages and to participate in different competitions conducted by RobinAge. Thank you RobinAge.

- Harini B, Class 3, DAV Public School, Hyderabad

I have been reading RobinAge for over six months and I love it. It's one of the best children's newspapers I've ever read; there is so much to learn and to increase your mind. I love it because it gives me daily facts, which no newspaper can give, and a good newspaper cookbook so that I can cook without fire. Some of my favourite parts are 'Ancient Treasures', 'News Bulletin', 'People' and 'Living Green'!

- Ebrahim Basha, Mumbai

I am one of the thousands of readers who reads RobinAge with curiosity for the next coming issue and I read every issue of your newspaper. Firstly, I read this newspaper because it is one of India's bestselling newspapers. Secondly, it carrys many knowledge-giving facts, which enhance our general knowledge. Thirdly, it has many national as well as international news pieces on inventions, sports, art and many other fields of knowledge. I feel happy to see that you are trying so hard to make every new issue more interesting and informative than the previous one. Thank You!

- Tushar Yadav, West Bengal

O! RobinAge
How sweet is your name!
How magnificent is your fame!
How enchanting is your game!
The more one gets you
The more one desires you
And every defeat
Increases one's desire for you!
You always come to those
Who dare to work
And not to those
Who complain!
After a laborious work
You provide a feel of comfort
To those who read you
Who does not crave for you!
How sweet are you!

- Saashi Jain, Class 5, Delhi Public School, Sirsa, Haryana

It has been five years for me with RobinAge, and all these years it gave me a platform to keep on writing more. In class 7, I wrote my first poem and it got published in the newspaper. I was on cloud nine that day! It was that day and the present day when I can actually remember my successful journey and proudly say that it is all because of RobinAge that I stand here. RobinAge provides budding artists, poets and writers a platform to present their talent and skills and nurtures it so as to let them continue with their passion! Its annual competition, the RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards, in which I participated and received a recognition, made me all the more confident on my work and I then turned to a blogger. This journey is what RobinAge guided me to! I keep referring RobinAge to many of my friends and will always appreciate its initiative!

- Radhika Mishra, Lucknow

I have been reading RobinAge since a long time now. And I am loving it, especially the corner of File-O-Fact and the History of the Week. RobinAge also gives me a lot of knowledge and news. I have also learnt artistic skills and cookery. I once again congratulate you and hope you successfully go on like this and bring a huge smile on my face forever. Thank you RobinAge team for this tremendous newspaper.

- Stuti Pandya, Class 7, Aarya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

I love RobinAge because it has devoloped my reading skills as I did not like to read at first. There are beautiful articles and facts. I love cooking so I read the recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor. I get lots of knowledge from it and I also share it with my friends and from that my friends also started subscribing to RobinAge.

- Harshika Baid, Class 5, Fountainhead School, Surat, Gujarat

I am gald to tell you that you are giving me plenty of general knowledge with good images and messages. After getting RobinAge I don’t think what will I do in my free time. I also enjoy making recipes after reading the steps for recipes.

- Heer Pratik Ardeshna, Class 3, S.N. Kansagra School, Rajkot

I have started reading RobinAge since two weeks. I like it very much. It gives a lot of information about the world, science, maths, sports, etc. I love 'Mathemagic' and 'Funstuff' in RobinAge. This newspaper is interesting, especially its stories and general knowledge. I will definitely spread the word of this newspaper to my friends.

- Tanish Haria, Class 6, Jasudben M L School, Mumbai

I was waiting for a long time for a newspaper which I could read but never found one until I heard the name 'RobinAge'. Oh what a newspaper! I do not have any idea how you think of very interesting facts and stories in just one week. How do you come up with delicious different dishes every week? I have tried many of them. You are really the perfect match for a kids' newspaper. I have developed my general knowledge and my writing skills only because of you. You have a very nice thinking on crafts. I have tried some of them. The elephant wall hanging was awesome. The news is very attractive.

- Hemanth Thanigaivel, Class 6, Sunshine Chennai Senior Secondary School, Chennai

I have started reading RobinAge newspaper and I get more ideas about study and day-to-day life experiences from this newspaper. I like RobinAge too much. With this newspaper, the general knowledge of the students will become more powerful. I have also received more knowledge from RobinAge. I love my RobinAge so much!!!

- Yug Vasoya, Class 3, S N Kansagra School, Rajkot

My son Keshav Lodha studying in Senior KG loves RobinAge because there are many things to learn. It keeps my child updated. He has developed the habit of reading through RobinAge so I am very satisfied and thankful to RobinAge for helping my child to develop his mind. He loves your contests like spot the difference and maze.

- Sapna Lodha, Navi Mumbai

I started reading RobinAge when I was 7 years old. I love RobinAge as it gives me information about what's happening around the world. My favourite sections in RobinAge include puzzles, word searches, short stories, differences, food recipes, File-o-Fact, comprehensions and Each One Teach One.Puzzles improve my patience and logical thinking. Word searches help me increase my vocabulary. I find short stories very interesting while comprehensions give me an opportunity to analyse situations and respond. The above mentioned reasons really make RobinAge a great treasure, which my father gifted to me by subscribing to it.

- Arya Shah, Class 6, CNM School, Vile Parle, Mumbai

RobinAge, full of gained knowledge!
Colourful pictures, interesting facts
In its brain, it stacks,
In the Morning, reading the newspaper with Dad,
In the Evening solving puzzles,
So much fun like Mad…

- Tanishi Nemani, Class 3, Gopi Birla Memorial School, Mumbai

I started taking this newspaper for my son who is in class 2 and I myself got fond of reading it. It’s huge relief to have such a newspaper specially for the kids as the other newspapers are full of things which kids at their young age should not be reading. Thank you RobinAge for motivating the young group to read, learn and gain knowledge of the great things happening around them.

- Veera Paulraj, Mumbai

I love RobinAge as it inspires me to learn and understand new things and have fun alongside. It is a vibrant, colourful and informative newspaper. A true learning and fun experience.

- Ayansh Agarwal, Class 2, Rukmani Birla Modern High School, Jaipur

I love RobinAge because it publishes various topics and current news. The most favourite part in RobinAge for me is 'Young Chef'. And the facts which are published are mindblowing!

- K Rahul, Class 10, Happy Valley School,Andhra Pradesh

I am a homemaker and also teach my children aged 9 and 11. RobinAge is an excellent teaching aid for me and my children, who are equally fond of the colourful, glossy, satin-feel magazine full of what's happening around the world. They eagerly wait for it. Also, its 4-page supplement is quite handy in boosting the intellect of primary children. The pictures in it itself say a thousand words. Keep up the good work, RobinAge.

- Komal Bhimrajka, Thane

Nowadays children are getting more attracted to computers and mobile. The habit of reading is diminishing day by day. My mother keeps on telling me to read the newspaper. But reading black and white newspapers is really a boring thing. RobinAge is so colourful, attractive, informative and full of fun that I think each school should introduce this newspaper to their students as our school has done.

- Afifa Afzal Khan, Class 9, Anjuman Islam Peer Mohamed High School, Pune

I love RobinAge as it sows seeds of intellect in our brain and helps us to know about the current events happening in the world. There are always awesome chances to win different contests and the prizes are also amazing.

- Chirag Shah, Lilavati Bai Podar High School, Mumbai

I love RobinAge because it is the only newspaper which provides the complete happenings of the world in an interesting and a fun way. It is easy to understand new concepts through RobinAge’s easy language. Although it has easy and understandable language, I cannot deny the fact that it has a very enriching vocabulary. I was able to perform well in GK competitions because of RobinAge.

- Dhruv Kejriwal, Class 8, Podar International School, Powai, Mumbai

I am a teacher. I was working in a school and now I take classes of phonics, art, craft, reading, GK and many other things. I use RobinAge newspaper for my young students. This paper helps my students in many ways. It has stories, news, quizzes, crosswords, mazes and GK. It's really very uselful and helps in students' visual, linguistic, social and conversation development.

- Riya Sanghvi, Mumbai

RobinAge is a powerhouse of knowledge. It has awarded me prizes and has even showcased my article. RobinAge has increased my GK as it contains news from around the world. I love the history of the week page. Thank you RobinAge!

- Lakshya Jindal, Class 8, Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane

I truly love the way you people are encouraging budding talents. Keep up the good work. RobinAge is very informative so people of all age groups can stay updated. Once again, I wish you many more successful years to be achieved.

- Revathy Nagarajan, Chennai

I love RobinAge because it gives me general infomation from all around the world. I like the front page as it gives information from or by children and the recipes with and without flame are mindblowing. I like to do the artworks which are mentioned and I eagerly wait for the paper every week. I also thought of recommending RobinAge to my cousins and friends.

- S Vidhya Harini, Class 5, The Vikasa School, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

I like RobinAge very much as it helps me in making interesting projects. It makes me feel like I’m on a journey round the Earth through its news on various parts of the world. The colours in which it is printed attract me. Not only me, but my parents enjoy reading it too!!!

- Ziya Abrar Sayed, Class 5, Christ Church School, Byculla, Mumbai

I love RobinAge because it is so exciting. I love Story Time,Trivia and Each One Teach One in Jr RobinAge the most. RobinAge helps me develop my skills. Every week, the moment I get this treasure in my hands, I take a quick look at the entire newspaper and then go topic by topic in detail so as not to miss anything!

- Ikshula R., Class 4, Coimbatore

RobinAge is my most favourite newspaper. I look forward to every Thursday for RobinAge. The cover page is nicely illustrated. The news items are very, very interesting. The contests are also fun. The stories are wonderful. I also love the activities and File-o-Fact corner. The 10-Things-to-Do-This-Week page provides lot of information. RobinAge has also helped me in my school projects. It is an ideal newspaper for all children. The 20 pages are really magical.

- Ekta Patil, Class 7, Sevasadan English Medium School, Pune

I like RobinAge children's newspaper because it's not just a weekly newspaper; it is also a good information provider for all students. It helps in enhancing their general awareness. This newspaper also organises contests for students, which help to encourage students to participate. It is an all-round package of knowledge for a student. RobinAge is doing a great job to brighten the future of India's young generation. Hats off to you guys!!! Thank you RobinAge for giving us a chance to express our views.

- Ishika Mathur, New Delhi

I've been reading RobinAge for about a year. It's a full pack of everything. That means that if I read it weekly, I always get a sufficient dose of my curiosity and a full plan of what to do this week. Everything in it is simply rare and adorable. I love RobinAge so much. I wish that it could be available in small towns like mine. I used to read it using the Internet. It is my weekly perfect news and knowledge paper.

- Shivangi Sharma, Class 8, Kanha Makhan Public School, Vrindavan