The Effects of AI

Sarvodya Singh, Class 9, Army Public School Jorhat, Assam

Before looking at the effect of AI on the future writers, we should first know what AI actually is.

AI refers to Artificial Intelligence which is the ability of a machine to perform the cognitive functions just as human beings. In simple words, we can say that AI is developed so that machines can also have the ability to think by themselves and help us with our task just as a real person does.

So, as we all know, a lot of advanced AI are created such as Chat GPT, Bing AI and many more which can help you with very complex things in which self thinking is required. For example they can make highly detailed art on any topic that you give, they can write articles, novels, stories as per your requirement. And the thing is that they can do it within seconds for which an average human takes hours or even days.

But, because of all these abilities of AI, it makes us think, what will happen to the real, creative, human artists which includes all the poets, painters and story writers and all the content writers. The value of their art will decrease drastically. Because for example, if gold is available everywhere then it would not retain its high value.

Actually it’s a very controversial topic, every person has his/her own opinion on this but here, I would like to share my humble opinion on this topic.

According to me, all the writers and artists shouldn’t worry or think that AI will take their place or replace them completely. I can say this for sure because there are a lot of things that an AI cannot provide its users and can be done only by a human being.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Lack of human touch: So, what a human artist or a writer does is that they go to their audience, try to know what they want and what are their needs. The artists or writers then research on that topic and provide them with an effective and satisfying answer through their work.

But on the other hand, what AI does is to collect information from different resources available on the internet, combine them together and pass them to its user. But the thing is that it will lack the human touch which keeps the audience attracted to the artists or writers. AI doesn’t have the ability to figure out what way a group of audience likes to know about anything, do they want a direct answer? Or they want to extract the answer by themselves according to their thinking and just need the writer to provide the facts in an organised manner and present his/her views. They don’t have the ability to make the audience think on that topic by themselves and make them more curious about that topic, and we always like to think, reflect and reach a conclusion on our own. And these things which cannot be done by AI are easily done by humans just because of the human touch they possess because only a human can truly understand what another human would like and prefer.

2. Execution without a good idea: What AI can do is that you can give it an idea and it will execute it for you. But an execution without a good idea is essentially worthless.

The core thing to make it as a writer is not only how beautifully you can string the words or sentences together, but also is that you have to have something to say at all in the first place. Do you have something different to say, something that people haven’t heard before and would love to hear from you. Or you try to understand this in a simpler way with an example. Many times you might have seen different arts, writings or even architectural marvels, and many a times a question pops up in our mind that how could someone have even imagined this? So AI may be very good to write something on a topic, or make a very lovely poem on a theme but these themes and topics cannot be thought of by AI itself and it has to be given by a creative person. Just as machines can help you to construct a building but can never determine how a building would look. And this essential job has to be done by a creative human mind only.

By looking at all these points, we can’t say that AI only affects writers negatively. Just as every other thing, AI too has a silver lining to it.

As AI has its reach all over the internet, it can help us in many things which will help the writers in the construction of their work. It can help the writers a lot such as while writing a poem it can help you in finding synonyms of a word suitable for your poem within seconds. It can enhance the dialogues of a character in a story book without changing its meaning. It can help article writers to use more appropriate words for his/her article. Like this, AI can help the writers more than it will affect them negatively.

The final conclusion is that, giving a sculptor proper tools will not completely change his sculpture, it would just make it even more beautiful. It would help the sculptor and enhance his art.

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