Children's Dream Destinations


Aayushi, Kabir, Gaurav and Sanjana can't wait to hop on to Aladdin's carpet for a ride to their dream destination. "I wish the magic carpet takes me to Alaska," says 10-year-old Aayushi, "I can enjoy the snowfall, go seal searching or even live in an igloo!" 7-year-old Kabir requests the magic carpet to fly him off to Australia to meet his favourite footballer, Mark Viduka. "My parents take me to my hometown every vacation. It’s so boring and yet I try to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes I wish I could fly off to Australia. I would trek all day, play with the kangaroos and have a blast with the boomerang!" He's not the only one. Neha from G D Somani Memorial School and Vishal from Bombay Scottish School are all set to join him in the land of koala bears. 

Ria Mehta isn't sure the carpet would work. "Will this carpet actually take me on a long holiday?" she asks with a puzzled look. It will if she uses her imagination like Dripta from J B Vachha School. "I am waiting to fly off to New York," says Dripta. "I want to see the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the beauty of a completely lit up Times Square. When can I get a ride?" Did you know the Statue of Liberty represents liberty and escape from oppression? It is one of the most recognisable icons of the United States that was, in fact, a gift of friendship from France. 

While some are off to faraway lands, others have dream destinations closer to home. "I want to meet
my friends again…can the magic carpet take me to Thane where they live?" asks Gaurav, while his sister Sanjana wants to go to her grandmother's house in Hyderabad. For Roshni Jaiswal, a trip to a village on Aladdin's magic carpet is an exciting idea. She wants to learn how to make pots on a wheel, draw water from
a well, go fishing in the river and try her hand at making rotis on a wood fire. "I've never visited a village. I want to experience the life of villagers and live with them for some time,” says the 12-year-old. 

Some kids are happy to spend their dream holiday exploring the sites and sounds of Mumbai. With visits to the museum, the aquarium, Gateway of India and Crawford Market, there is more than enough to do. So where would you like to go this vacation? Think of interesting places you've read about or seen on television and if there's somewhere that you really want to visit, maybe Aladdin will offer you a ride on his magic carpet too. Bon voyage!

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