My Trip to Dubai


by Shivani Sharma, Utpal Sanghvi School


I went to Dubai during my holidays and had loads of fun. Dubai has gigantic shopping malls, camels, limousines, dhows, yachts, water scooters, roller coasters, sand dune safaris, a snow park and much more. 

While here, I went to the dolphinarium. It is one of the best places to visit when you are in Dubai. The dolphin and seal show is about an hour long and is full of excitement. It was great to see dolphins and seals perform together. The dolphin kissed the trainer on her hands and they did amazing tricks with the ball. Four seals danced with the trainers and played with the ball. We were also allowed to play with the dolphin. I was very happy to see dolphins so closely. They are so cute! 

The fish aquarium is also worth a visit in Sharjah. It has over 250 species, from the smallest clown fish and moray eels to poisonous snakes and sharks. The aquarium is known for its underwater journey.

I loved Dubai because it is wheelchair friendly.  The aquarium too had a special wheelchair lift which allowed my grandmother to enjoy the lovely sights on her wheelchair. 

I also visited the Ibn Battuta mall which is huge and showcases the famous traveller Battuta's travels. The travels are reflected in the architecture and themes of the mall's six courts, which take you through Egypt, India, Persia, Tunisia, China and other countries. 

Two places that can't be left out of a trip to Dubai are the Desert Safari in Dubai, where one can ride a scooter or a 4-wheel drive through sand dunes which was great fun, and the wonderful Snow City. I was really surprised to see a snow city in this desert city. Ski Dubai is a unique mountain-themed attraction. I also visited Sharjah Discovery Centre, an interactive 'handson' facility, designed for children like me where we can discover, learn through play, explore the world around us and understand that science and technology are part of our daily lives. 

Dubai has lots to see especially for kids and I had a great time at the beaches, malls, parks, the snow city and the aquarium.