Nagaon: A Great Weekend Getaway


Nagaon about 9kms from Alibag. Once there, head straight to Karpe Wadi, an agro-tourism site located at Nagaon beach. The place has a well-maintained farm and coconut groves and also teaches a thing or two about agro-tourism and bio-friendly practices. The rooms are eco-friendly with furnishings and wall paintings done in a manner that minimises hazard to the environment. Hammocks line the room and are a perfect place to spend your day reading your favourite books. What's more, you can enjoy a meal cooked with organic food too.


At Karpe Wadi the kitchen waste is used for poultry and animal feed. The rooms are painted using lime (CaCO) with negligible amounts of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) making them free from all chemical and pollutant gases and materials. Even the bath water is made eco-friendly by heating it in boilers that burn coconut waste. The smoke fumigates the farm and the ash is used as manure for plants. The ash also acts as an effective mosquito repellent. Taking their concern for the environment a step further are the natural stone beds with coir mattresses.
Prominent species of birds: paradise flycatcher, white breasted eagle, golden oriole, seagull, golden backed woodpecker, waterhen, cormorant, owl, dove, shrike, pitta, parakeet, egret, kingfisher, bee eater, heron and robin. 
Animals: squirrel, jackal, hare, palm civet, mongoose, hyena and wild boar. 
Butterflies: Karpe Wadi hosts more than 10 species of butterflies.
Take a ferry from Apollo Bunder to Mandwa and the bus from there to Alibag. Nagaon is easily accessible from Alibag by autorickshaw, which will take you about 15 minutes.

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