Summer Slam


It's that time of the year when chilling out takes on a new meaning. Some kids go out of their way to make their holidays thrilling. Renin Wilben speaks to a chosen few to find out what they will be up to.

Ernest Couto, a 13-year-old from St Joseph's has a number of plans, the first of which is to go camping. "I have already been to Lonavala on a camp and have had a great experience over there. I am eagerly looking forward to doing some more camping this holiday season," he says.
Camping is not his only love, he likes outdoor sports as well. "I enjoy playing football and basketball and I also go to the summer club every year where there are plenty of indoor games," he adds
When he's not on the field or camping he wants to play his favourite games on the computer. "I am a big fan of Vice City from the Grand Theft Auto series, NFS Racing games and all action games."
Finally, Ernest also plans to go on a holiday with his family. "I have visited Agra. This time we will most probably go to Goa. It is always a fun destination to visit," says Ernest, who is eagerly awaiting the end of his exams.
When asked about his plans for the summer, 14-year old Vishal Doshi says, "I love music and hence would be learning the tabla. I know it is difficult but I will work hard and then I will also take part in some plays as I am into theatre."
Another 13-year-old, Rahul Singh from IES School, says he would like to go on a jungle safari. "I am planning to go to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve or the Melghat Tiger Reserve with my family. Hopefully things will work out. Apart from that I will spend time cycling with my friends and watch my favourite cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Popeye and Mr Bean (the animated series)," he reveals.
Meanwhile Jay Shah, who is giving his board exams this year, will chill out in a completely different manner. A die-hard Bollywood fan, he tells us, "I have just joined a video library and will spend the vacation watching all my favourite films both old and new! I will also join a computer course in web designing as that interests me."

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