Butterfly! Butterfly! Where do you fly!


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Green Wood High, Bengaluru

It was a sunny Sunday and I woke up early as I was very excited to visit a zoo. Not only this, I was also about to be a part of a wonderful team of children. I would be learning about habitat of wildlife and wildlife conservation with my team. This is the best way to connect with nature. Usually I don't wake up until late morning on Sunday, but today I was too excited to sleep any longer. We left as early as eight am for the zoo. I reached to the Biological Park with my mother. It was a wonderful feeling to be in fresh air and a green surroundings, away from traffic and pollution of the city. Once I reached inside the gate of the zoo, the education officer gave us a warm welcome. I also saw many children who were in green t-shirts and green caps. Those shirts and caps were representing the zoo club. I couldn't wait to receive my t-shirt and cap for the club. Since the education officer was yet to start the session, I had some time to finish my breakfast. You see, since, we had to travel very far to reach the park on time, we left very early from home. So I did not had my breakfast at home.

Anyhow, I quickly finished my breakfast in the park itself. Then I said bye to my mom, and set off for the Butterfly Park along with the education officer and other club members. We started on a long walk towards the Butterfly Park. We soon reached there. It was a glass building in the shape of a dome. At the entry of the dome, there was a structure of a giant butterfly. The dome looked very colourful because of the butterflies. In the abdomen of the butterfly shaped structure, there was a small door, through which we entered. It was like a Paradise. The butterflies were flying all around the dome. Different kind of butterflies were flying freely all around, inside the dome. It looked like the butterflies were fairies because of their wonderful colours and dazzling wings. Inside the dome, there were many display boards all around the place. These boards had information about different butterflies.

First I read the information on one of the display board. Then I spotted the butterfly according to the information on the board. I continued reading and spotting the butterflies until I had read all the boards. I spotted so many beautiful butterflies, that finally I lost track of the count. I even saw a butterfly with five colours on its wings. While walking towards the exit of the dome, I saw a butterfly circling around my feet as if it was my pet. It felt as if it was trying to stop me from leaving the dome. It was a beautiful feeling. There was a museum attached to the Butterfly Park. I finished visiting the dome, sooner than other kids I entered the Museum without realizing that I have exited the dome and entered the museum all by myself. Though I was enjoying being the first one and being freely wandering, for a moment, I felt I was lost but soon rest of the group entered the museum. I heaved a sigh of relief.

There were many display boards with information in the museum too. In the middle of the museum, there was a see-through containment which contained many caterpillars. The caterpillars were on their host plants. I was excited to see caterpillars, particularly the ones that could camouflage. We left the museum. We went into a place which looked like a storage room. Next to the storage room was a small compound enclosed with mesh. Inside the mesh, there were plants and butterflies. I saw butterfly's eggs on the plants. I also saw some boxes with caterpillars and pupae inside them. Now, the visit was nearly over. We started walking back towards the meeting point, where my mom would pick me up. While walking back, the zoo keeper offered me and my team to ride in a Safari jeep.

I instantly accepted the offer as it certainly seems adventurous. I stood in the back of the Jeep along with many other children of the group. The back of the Jeep got so crowded that I was almost pressed against the wall of the Jeep. But, it was so much fun, especially when the Jeep took off and was running over the potholes making us jump and bump in to each other. It was adventurous when the jeep was turning and I and some other kids were nearly thrown out of the jeep. Finally the jeep reached back to the meeting point where I met my mother. And then, at last, zoo keeper gave me my club membership t-shirt and the cap, for which I was waiting for long. We, then, left for our home-sweet-home as the day ended beautifully just like beautiful colours of butterfly.


Arnay Agarwal Green Wood High