Two Brave Sea Voyagers


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Green Wood High, Bengaluru

Rofel and Binny were two brothers who were sea voyagers. They loved the sea and their father was also sea voyager. But they had no boat, so to get a boat they sold their house. Though their house was very old and dilapidated, they were able to sale it and received a good share of money in return. With that money they bought a very hard and strong boat. They decided to ask Harold – the sea voyager and a friend of theirs. Harold suggested the Atlantic for their next sea journey and they decided to follow his advice. They went on a two month journey to Atlantis. There were a lot of difficulties , they had a lack of food and had to resort to fishing, lack of sleep and many other hardships.

One day while they were continuing their journey and sea was very relaxed and calm, suddenly it started becoming windy and a huge storm appeared out of nowhere. The Big waves completely shook them as if like they were playing a game of Volley-Ball. The boat was shattered and they screamed on seeing the sight. They decided to see their map and locate an island. Nearby they found an island. Somehow they managed to reach the island. They couldn’t find a way out of there so they decided to stay on the island since they didn’t have a sailable boat. They ate wild berries and still they were hungry. They also caught and hunted some wild animals.

After two weeks of eating berries and meat they collected enough strength to repair their boat. It took a month of hard work for them to repair the boat. But they did not leave the hope and continued their work untill the boat was fully ready. Finally the boat was ready as brand new boat. They were very happy. But to their shook, suddenly a big storm came again the same day they planned to start sailing for home. They ran in a cave since storm came. Suddenly Rofel said, "Hey we forgot our boat”. By the time the storm settled their boat was redeemed to a mount of wooden planks. They were very disappointing but they did not leave the hope.

Within two weeks of very hard work they build a new boat out of wooden planks. Soon they were sailing to their house. They were happy after seeing their families after months. They returned with lots if fish enough for a year for them to live without worrying for food. After reaching home they wrote their adventures in a book for kids of their village. Kids were very happy and surprised to read such adventurous stories of their journey. They learned that like Benny and Rofel, they should also never give up. They should also fight back in all the adverse situations.


Arnay Agarwal Green Wood High