An Indian Halloween


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Greenwood High Bangalore, Bangalore

Halloween was around the corner and so, I really wanted to buy a scary costume. Halloween is a festival originally celebrated in united states. But now people from different origins travel and introduce their culture and festivals to various parts of world. In India also, people, specifically kids, have been impressed by Halloween’s colourful celebrations. So kids started to celebrate Halloween in India as well. Kids are very excited during Halloween. They go house to house on a nearby street or apartments and shout out the magic word "trick or treat”. People open their door and treat the kids with some candies and chocolates.
I too started my preparation for Halloween as I was super excited. I went to a Halloween costume store to buy a costume. The shop was very nice. There were many costumes and lots of Spooky toys like imitations of a bleeding hands, blood bottles etc. There was also a toy skeleton wearing jail clothes inside a hanging prison. As soon as I shook it, it screamed, "help get me out of here, can’t you help me, a poor soul." ahhhh .... I got very scared. I was excited to see so many terrifying toys and I felt like buying the shop. But my mom wouldn’t allow. The store was all spooky but it was awesome at the same time. I started looking for a horrendous costume. I tried on many mask. There was a werewolf mask, Vampire mask, Saturn mask etc. There was also a bleeding mask. It was a gruesome white face with a very long stretched mouth. It had black weird eyes. There was blood dropping from top of the mask on the entire mask period. I instantly liked it and would not settle for any other mask. This was exactly what I had been searching for. I could not wait to show this to my friends. I also send a picture to my grandmother. She got scared.
I then started looking for an artificial weapon that would go along with the costume. There was a mace which looked very deadly but it was too expensive for me to buy. I was looking for a costume too. There was a vampire costume, a witch costume and the spider costume etc. I found a skeleton costume that went along with the mask very well. Then I bought the costume and the mask. We took pictures in the shop and set off for home. Before I went to bed, I was imagining myself in the mask and the costume, and visiting my friends. I desperately waited to scare them out-of-their wits.
Finally, the wait was over. It was Halloween . I was very excited. I had bought a very scary costume and was looking forward to wear it during trick or treat walk. At around 7 pm, after my choir practice, I went out for trick or treat. First, I went to my friend's house. What happened at my very first stop was very funny. Instead of giving candy my friend's mother gave me Indian sweets, a laddu. Well, the walk started. One by one I went to a few other friend's places. One of my friends got extremely scared seeing me in the ghost costume. He could not recognize me. His small sister got so scared that she started crying. oops !!!
Finally, they recognized me and I got my treat of candies. My friend and his mom liked my scary costume. The next house, I went, was another friend. When he opened the door he said ...... wuahhhh......!!!h..h...hello...... who are you. I said trick or treat. But he had no clue of what was going on. He stared me like a sheep, I mean literally like a sheep. He was confused and stoned. Well, I had to visit many houses for my treat of Halloween before it was too late, so I left him stoned. I hope he must be back to life by now. I continued my walk from house to house for trick or treat. In between, I joined my group of friends and went to some houses along with them too. We all shouted at each of the house for trick or treat. To my shock, one even gave banana. Anyways at the end I collected lot of candies. Many kids took pictures with me as they were so excited about my costume. It was exciting and full of fun but I was tired too. I reached back home and straight fallen into the bed. Soon I was in deep sleep and dreaming about the next day when I would be telling my Halloween stories to my friends at school.


Arnay Agarwal Greenwood High Bangalore