Juno and Ira’s Jungle Trip


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Greenwood High, Bangalore, Bangalore

In a small village, near the city of Sandstone in Australia, two children were planning their escape to the Jungle that surrounded their village. Their names were Juno and Ira. "I say we sneak off while everyone is sleeping", said Juno, a very naughty boy. He was too fat for an eleven-year-old boy and was often teased about it. But he did not mind. "Nope, we will ask mother and then go!" said Ira, a bony girl of nine years, but very swift. She was the fastest runner in the whole village and was said to be as fast as a cheetah. "No, little sister, we will go in the middle of the night!" said Juno again. "Ok, as you wish!" Ira knew that there was no use fighting with her brother. He was the most stubborn person she had seen! A few minutes before midnight, they snuck off to the jungle while everyone was sleeping. "Where should we go?" whispered Ira. "Let's go this way," said Juno. They set off at a normal pace on a familiar path. On the way, they found many tiger-marks. "Brother I am feeling scared, are there tigers?" said Ira. "No, there are no tigers", said Juno. He was also very scared, the darkness and silence scared him a lot but he could not show that to his sister, she may get even more scared. Suddenly, a loud growl was heard. "Change in the plan! Run!!" screamed Juno, Ira didn't need to be told twice. She ran away with Juno at her side. Suddenly the trail seemed to disappear, they had followed the wrong path! As they stopped, panic gripped Juno. They were in a completely new place. There were two paths leading out of the clearing and to go faster they would have to split up. It wasn't worth the risk, or was it? He had to take the risk. "What now?" asked Ira. "We'll split up and go in both of these two ways", Juno said. "OK", said Ira bravely. "Let's go!". They started running, soon Juno found a wild horse. He had ridden horses since he was six, could he ride it? He wondered. In less than a minute he was on the horse and galloping. Suddenly he heard a scream which scared him out of his wits. Ira! Noooo…! Did something happened to her?… No! Impossible!!! Juno raced his horse forward and then saw Ira running with cannibals behind her. Juno broke a branch and hurled it at the cannibals and they scattered. Juno took advantage of the situation and pulled Ira and rode as fast as they could. But the cannibals were still chasing them. Ira suddenly took control of the horse. "Whoa!” yelled Juno. Ira rode the horse busting through the trees and bushes. She crossed a bridge over a river and once they crossed the river, she cut off the ropes holding the bridge. As the cannibals could not reach to Juno and Ira, they disappeared back into the trees. Juno and Ira soon found a path to their village. As they followed the path, they quickly reached their village and left the horse and sighed. "That was quite an adventure, wasn't it!" said Juno. "Sister?…. Sister?" "BOO" shouted Ira and Juno jumped and ran away screaming "Help! there is a cannibal chasing me!!" while Ira doubled with laughter.


Arnay Agarwal Greenwood High, Bangalore