The Strange World


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Greenwood high bangalore, Bangalore

The year is 2080. Thanks to NASA. Like millions of people, Jack’s Postal address also, now includes the name of the planet. Jack’s lives and works at a Taco shop on a Planet called ZOL. He was walking and eating a Taco. He just took the Taco from his own Taco Shop where he work was working. For a moment, he glanced at the Black Hole that just stood day and night in front of the Planet ZOL. ZOL was always at risk of being sucked in to the black hole. People have been living in fear for many years. Suddenly Jack saw a glowing Taco flying in the air. Jack looked around. There was no one to claim the flying glowing Taco. He threw away the Taco he was eating, picked up the flying glowing Taco and ate it. He got tingling sensation all over his body. He suddenly was in the air. He was flying. He had gained Superpowers from the glowing Taco. He said, "Yipee!! I am a super hero. I shall be called fly-man.” Then he thought if he should relax in his house or save someone. He decided to save someone as he was now a super hero. That’s what super hero do. They save people. But then Jack thought WHO ? He got an idea. "Why don’t I save the world from the black-hole”. He flew to the black-hole and punched it. He suddenly got sucked in and he fainted. When he woke up, he was in a completely different land. All around him there were strange animals. There was one animal with a pig’s head and a sheep’s body. There was another animal which had wings but was an elephant. As Jack walked round, he saw a flying apple. He quickly grabbed it. The apple yelled at Jack to not eat the apple. Jack looked at the apple and ate it. "Strange apple. Why does it scream ?” Then he thought about getting out of that place. He flew around until he saw a giant power push button. As he pressed it he thought, "strange button I am going to press you! Mwahaha !”. When he pressed the button he himself died. Yes he died. ‘Now you must be thinking : Nooo! Jack cant die. Someone must have saved him!’. ‘No he died very much. That’s it’ Suddenly Jack materialised on a pig-horse. Then he saw a giant one eyed monster coming towards him. Jack said, "Help me ! Help me ! The monster will make me a cake !” As he ran he saw sword stuck in a rock. He took out the sword and threw the sword away. He then took the rock and threw it at the monster. The monster groaned and threw his club at Jack. As the club came at Jack, Jack said something heroic, "Aaaaa”. Suddenly the club scattered into tiny pieces. Those tiny pieces hit the monster and the monster fainted. Jack surprisingly saw a push-button on the monster’s head. He pressed the push button and he disappeared. He appeared at the end of his village. He got just in time to see the black-hole being destroyed. The black hole let off an explosion and disappeared. As he walked back towards his house, everyone cheered and called him their saviour. Jack now was a true hero. As a reward, he was given free Tacos for a life-time. Jack lived happily ever after.


Arnay Agarwal Greenwood high bangalore