Zero Hour review


By Arnay Agarwal, Class 5, Greenwood High, Bangalore, Bangalore

Book Review
Zero Hour Zero Hour by Clive Cussler is an amazing and adventurous story. The main character is a person called Kurt Austin, who in an attempt to save a dying man in a speed boat from a sniper who was swooping down from a helicopter, lands in trouble with the Australian secret service. Never want to ignore a mystery, Kurt finds himself on a trail of a crazed scientist, who is hellbent on tearing the word apart. He is soon amidst new-age-technology and terrifying weapons. He desperately tries to survive himself and save the world at all cost. I think the story is awesome as the plot is gripping. I was connected to the story whole time and I could see the entire story happening in my mind. Kurt is my favourite character. Clive Cussler explains and tells the story so well that it seems almost realistic. My favourite part was when he is trying to defeat Thero, the crazy scientist. I was dying with burning curiosity to know if Kurt manages to defeat Thero. Initially, I did not like Thero's new age Technology. He used this technology to hurt people but as the story moved on, I adapted to the story. The theme of the story is unique from the other books I have read. I think reading this book is a must. I strongly recommend this book and I give Thumbs up to Clive Cussler for this book.


Arnay Agarwal Greenwood High, Bangalore