Mortal Portal


By Navya S R, Class 6, Bishop Cotton Girl's School, Bengaluru

My name is Emma from Massachusetts with a younger brother, Kevin. One day, we decided to go to a space museum. My parents went to get tickets after leaving us in the space block. Kevin got engrossed in a spaceship. I noticed a model of the solar system and just had a look at it. When I went to call my brother to see it, he had disappeared. I heard the squeaking of the door behind me, found the door closing slowly. I peeked and found my brother standing, looking at the ceiling with a light on his face. I assumed that he was looking at another spaceship.

I waited for him to come out. I took another peep inside, I didn’t see my brother anywhere. I banged open the door and caught a glimpse of a board on the door saying: "authorities only”. I felt a hand on my shoulder and found myself facing a man. "What are you doing here?” he asked quite harshly. "My brother was here, he disappeared” I said and noticed a thing which looked like a portal. "He may have gone in there” I said. "Oh no. You need to go in that portal if you want to save your brother” he said and pushed me into the portal. I found myself along with the man in grassland with two doors He asked me where my brother would have gone to in the two places, a space station/a place filled with stars. I thought for a while & decided - place full of stars. After all, Kevin preferred shiny things over space stuff.

We headed towards the starland, found my brother lying down looking at the stars. At the distance I saw a giant clock. There was a goblin with Kevin. They ran up to us shouting "We need to get it back. The clock must tick. A potion which is supposed to make the clock tick is missing. Time has stopped until we get the potion back. Please Alex!!!!” "Alex?” I asked. "I am Alex. I will explain everything.” replied Alex. The goblin disappeared. I noticed many constellations as we moved, saw stars falling out of the sky. "Stay back”, Alex shouted. The constellations formed two figures - constellation of Gemini! "Answer our riddle, go where you desire. Only two chances” said the figures simultaneously. "What walks on four, two and three legs in the morning, afternoon and night???” asked the twins. "Cockroach” screamed Kevin. "Wrong.”

They waved their hands to make way to a large lion. Alex tossed a sword under my legs. I picked up the sword told my brother to stay, followed Alex. I was not good in sword fight, but still won with my wits. I charged toward the lion, jabbed my sword in all the main stars of the Leo, the constellation, realized the stars returning back. The twins asked "Last chance!!!” "MAN” said Alex and the twins disappeared. "Let’s go” said Alex and reached the giant clock. "I know what to do” said Kevin - ran up to the clock. I turned to find a bottle of purple liquid. Alex picked it up, handed it to Kevin. After pouring the potion in the clock, the goblin appeared and thanked us. "I can help you return to your world” he said. In a flick of his fingers we were back in the space museum.


Navya S R Bishop Cotton Girl's School